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DIDComm Messaging with SSI

Another core concept in the realm of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is messaging, which is realized with regard for the DIDComm Messaging specification. This messaging approach plays a vital role in ensuring secure information exchange between identity holders and verifiers. In the digital identity framework, when an individual possesses a verifiable credential in their digital wallet, the necessity might arise to transmit it to a verifier to begin or complete a desired transaction or agreement. To safeguard privacy, the identity holder can selectively reveal specific details, such as their date of birth, through a presentation, without divulging the complete credential.

In order to establish effective communication, it is essential for the identity holder to accurately resolve the verifier's address, thereby enabling the secure transmission of information. Trust forms a cornerstone of this process. The identity holder seeks confirmation that the intended recipient is indeed the verifier, while the verifier needs to authenticate that the data originates from the legitimate owner. DIDComm Messaging functions as the mechanism that facilitates and establishes this secure and reliable exchange of information within the realm of digital identities and SSI.