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Create a Digital Wallet


To create a wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new entity.
  2. Create a new wallet owned by the entity.

Create Entity

Each wallet is owned by an entity, and each entity can own several wallets. Therefore, to create a wallet, you first need to create an entity.

ENTITY_DID=$(curl --request POST \
--url "" \
--header "X-API-KEY: ${TRUVITY_API_KEY}" | jq -r '.EntityDid' )

Create Wallet for Entity

Now you can create a new wallet for the entity using the created entity's DID. To do this, call the create wallet endpoint.

WALLET_DID=$(curl --request POST \
--url "${ENTITY_DID}" \
--header "X-API-KEY: ${TRUVITY_API_KEY}" | jq -r '.WalletDid')

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